Do you believe that breastfeeding mums cannot slim down as it will affect quality and quantity of their milk supply? Well, it all depends on how you do it. Let us guide breastfeeding mums on how to shed some weight yet not affecting their milk supply naturally and healthily.

Changing from one lactating diet to another can reduce the intake of fats and calorie yet maintaining good amount of breast milk for breastfeeding mummies! Let us introduce some lactation boosters (galactagogues) suitable for slimming mummies.


It is known to be a lactation booster. Oats are also rich in iron and when mummies’ iron levels are low, the amount of breast milk gets affected. Oats have a lower glycemic index, indicating sustained glucose levels in the body.

Raw Papaya Fish Soup

It is well-known as a galactagogue (pronounced as gah-lak´tah-gog). Consuming green or raw papaya helps in production of oxytocin which increases production of milk in breastfeeding mums. In Asia, fish and tofu are also popular galactagogues. Cooking raw papaya, fish and tofu together in soup is a popular lactation booster in many Asian countries.

Herbal Black Chicken Soup

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, black chicken invigorates qi and kidneys. Herbs like Astragalus (huang qi), Angelica Roots (dang gui) invigorate qi and blood can be added to black chicken soup. Stimulation of qi and blood can boost metabolism as well as increase breast milk supply. Thus, this herbal black chicken soup is beneficial for slimming yet breastfeeding mums.

At SchoneMama, we have trained therapists who can help breastfeeding mums lose weight and regain their body contour without affecting breast milk supply and quality of breast milk. Feel free to contact us for more details! 

Note: As every individual's body constitution differs, this article is for general information purpose only. It is not meant to substitute for professional medical advice. One should seek a professional physician for consultation.

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