A mother's nutrition is an important indicator to determine milk quality. What should mothers eat to produce higher quality milk?

The production of breast milk is a very delicate process. Hormones are produced by the baby sucking the breasts which in turns promote the production of hormones that secrete milk from the pituitary gland. The more the baby sucks, the more hormones are produced. The earlier the baby sucks, the sooner the hormones are produced.

Other than the frequency of baby sucking, factors which affect the secretion of milk are often closely related to the mother’s mood, mentality, nutritional status, and sleep or rest.

Thus, a mother’s nutritional status and the quality of milk are highly correlated.


Prolactin Herbal Medicine

Uniforum (lou lu) - for defoxification, reduces swelling and increases breast milk.  Commonly used for producing breast milk, relieving breast pain and swelling.Tip: Combine with pangolins or vaccaria is effective to ease breast swelling.

Chinese taxillus herb (sang ji sheng) - eliminates rheumatism, beneficial for liver and kidney, reduces the risk of miscarriage. Commonly used to treat rheumatism, waist and knee pain. Tip: Combine with passepartout and loofah to improve postpartum milk shortage and breast milk or alleviate breast pain.

Corn silk (mature corn silk) - commonly used in the treatment of nephritis, edema, treats symptoms of edema, dampness, jaundice, can also treats maternal lactation, milk barrier, swelling and pain, cold fever, headache and body tightness. Recommended dosage is 30-60 grams, boiled with water. Tip: Consume corn silk stewed with trotters, twice a day, to further improve milk flow and quality.


Vegetables for Lactation

Daylily - rich in nutrients, contains 14.1 grams of protein per 100 grams of dry goods, almost equivalent to meat. It is also chock-full of vitamins B1, B2, etc., which are beneficial to treating damp heat, relieving chest stuffiness, diuresis, hemostasis and stimulating milk secretion. Tip: Consume stewed lean pork with daylily is very effective for lactation.

Pea - rich in phosphorus, anti-hemorrhoids, antidiarrheal, stimulates milk secretion. Tip: Consume cooked green peas or pea sprouts smashed juice helps to stimulate milk secretion.

Papaya - its unique enzyme is very effective for thymus gland development as well as lactation.


Other Prolactin Food

Eggs - easily absorbed and used by the body. They are good for parturient’s recovery and milk secretion. They can be consumed 1-2 a day, either steamed or boiled. However, overconsumption, may lead to incomplete gastrointestinal absorption, in turn will be harmful to your health.

Brown sugar - promotes blood circulation, and high iron content which aids to enrich the blood, promote congestion and uterine excretion as well as promote milk secretion.

Rice porridge (or millet porridge) - high in fiber, contains a variety of nutrients to promote healthy bowel movement. As rice porridge is watery, containing more water, it promotes digestion, absorption, and milk secretion.

Tofu - beneficial to health, produces saliva to keep mouth moist, clears away heat and toxins. Tip: To help milk secretion, boil tofu, brown sugar and fermented glutinous rice together.

Black chicken (or black feet chicken, black bone chicken) - sweet, beneficial for liver, reduces heat, nourishes yin, kidney, qi and blood, supplements deficiency and helps in milk secretion.


Schone Mama Breast Lactation Massage

Our treatment is designed for mothers who are breastfeeding.

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  • Increase your milk supply
  • Relieve breast engorgement
  • Improve firmness and reduce sagging
  • Promote bonding with baby

Experience the results for yourself and be a happy breastfeeding mother with sufficient breast milk.


Note: As every individual's body constitution differs, this article is for general information purpose only. It is not meant to substitute for professional medical advice. One should seek a professional physician for consultation.

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