Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pronounce your name "Schone" Mama?

The proper pronunciation is "Shu-ner '. It is a German word meaning Beautiful.

Who are our customers and the problems we address?

Our customers include females who are planning for a baby, mummies who just gave birth, with kids 6 months and older, preparation for 2nd child, aches and pain in later years due to inadequate rest during confinement and also those going into menopause. Problems we address includes womb care, low milk supply, pelvic expansion due to vaginal birth, weight gain, skin changes, urinal leakage, breast care/shaping, drop in libido levels, hormonal balance and joint care.

What does your treatments do?

Our treatments are safe and non-invasive, focusing on pressure points based on TCM acupuncture methodology. We also combine traditional healing methods like herbal steam, heat pack, moxibustion alongside modern machine to accelerate the effectiveness of your treatments. We believe all external health problems are results of a weak internal health condition. When your core organs are strong, you will achieve 1) Yin Yang Balance 2) internal QI flows well 3) blood circulation is good. As a result, outward manifestation of physical problems and sickness is naturally minimized.

How do we deliver results and ensure service quality?

The brand has over 10 years of experience specializing in postnatal healthcare with over 300+ outlets outside Singapore. Here in Singapore, we ensure the same quality, result and service is maintained. We are Case-Trust accredited and have an in-house TCM physician to diagnose your problems. Moreover, our positive reviews on Facebook are strong testimonials to our service.

Common Problem 1. Why is my breast milk supply so low?

Many reasons affect your milk supply. Stress, blocked ducts, ineffective latch, previous breast surgery, skipping breast-feeding sessions, milk chunks, medication and others.

What we do - Schone Mama stimulates the mammary glands through pressure points. We clear milk residual/chunks and open up blocked ducts to improve the flow. It is most effective when the lactation massage is complimented by a Kidney and Liver treatment, which restores your qi and blood circulation. Avoid - Seeking treatment only when breast is seriously engorged. Regular maintenance is advised.

Common Problem 2. Will my pelvic and hip size restore naturally after birth?

The muscles in your pelvic floor become stretched during pregnancy and birth. It will take months to recover but not necessarily back to pre-birth condition. Binding of the hip area might work if done consistently for 4-6 hours over weeks. This could be tough for mummies to follow while taking care of the new born.

What we do - Schone Mama applies adequate pressure at your pelvic area to realign it back into place. A specialized machine is then used to consolidate the position. Results can be observed in 1 session. Benefits of the pelvic floor treatment includes reducing urinal leakage and making hips look smaller. Having a well-toned pelvic floor also enhances feeling in your vagina, thus having sex and orgasm more satisfying.